About authors

Margaret Lord

For me photography is the best way to comunicate with world. Trough photographies I can show other peple things, which I can’t describe by my words. If you want better know me just checked my photographies on this page, or on instagram. They can tell you everything about me if you really know how to looking.

Lukas Lord

Troughout all my life i was looking for my true life passion. I was trying to find something what could give me real sense of fulfilment. In 2015 i create in my home town, the my own incubator of creativity, where i was trying to help other peoples, in finding their life passions. Everyone thought that i’m insane, but i believed that one day it will help me, in finding my own life passion. In that year, first time in my life i found courage to start listen voice of my own heart, insted opinions of the others. After three years of helping other people i finally understood, that every day, and every second of my life can be my passion and bring me fulfilment. Later i understand also, It’s working only in moment when my mind is concentrated, on thinking about right things. Now i can do anything and i will be happy.