About portrait photography

Portraiting peoples is great responibility in modern world, because today, almost everyone want be perceive by others, as a beautifull, rich, happy, wise persons etc. Everyone want be perceive as a experts in their qualities and hobbys. We show to others, only this qualities, which are our signature and pride. Thats why, we like pictures ,which shows, our positive sides. Good image, could show to others , who we are, and what we like, in very interestic way.

How photographers makes, good portraits?

Portraits photografy isn’t easy. It’s hardest type of photography. It’s combination psychology,sociology, empathy, and photografy. Good portraits photographer, must developed all this skill.

If photographer want make good portraits, to someone, he must known this person quite well. He must recognize their character, way of thinking about himself and others, their hobbys. When photografer know this informtion about someone , he can understand, where this person will be feel the best. He can create optimal conditions for this person, to make him feel safe, happy and excited. If u don’t know your client inclation, you can’t make attractive photos for him. Photographer can know this information when he will be able recognize which archetype of character represent their client.

In this wisely choosen conditions, both photographer and his client, must fell good and safe because this environment influence boths. Photocraph can’t make good photos, if he feel insecure. Also potographer’s client can’t be natural in environment, which doesn’t match to his predilections.

When session day, will finally come portrait’s photographer must  be ready for that.  He must , be very motivated and excited in this day . He must feel very good, if he want inspire he’s client to feel this same.

Atleast few day before session day, photographer must starting his prepairings to acheiving high energy level. Taking off from everything, doing only this things which he like, eating only full nutritional meals, meditating . Whatewer what is good for him to attain this highly creative state of consciouness.

Making photography seessions with attitude like that described , is something amazing. Everywhone feels inspired and excited, when photograph with high energy level, and with smile on the face, taking us to wonderful trip, somewhere in the world, and show us what he prepared for us. After all, we have fantastic memories, and even better photographies, which shows us everything again, and brings memories back,

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