What kind of Knowledge you will find on margolord.pl?

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 Through this blog, i will try to inspire you, to become a seeker of knowledge about yourself.

I have noticed that the ability to ask ourselves the right questions, is one of the most precious skills that man can learn. By that action, we stimulate our mind to seek answers, that can help develop our potential. That kind of knowledge could help us in better understanding who we really are, and what we are capable of.

What kind of asks are important for me in this moment of my life?

What is greatest possible destiny to achieve by living being? How I can recognize what could help expand my consciousness, and what could degrade it? How recognize which of our behavior destabilize our lives, and how to change this patterns? What will happening with our consiousness when our body will dies? How i can increase my level of energy in safety way, and how I should manage this energy, if i want to be really happy? How our minds influence our destiny? What is true art and how creativity can improve our counsciousness? What is the character, and how to improve it if we want live succesfull life. 

I have much more asks, but this few can show you about what i will write here in future

What kind of knowlege you can expect here on the beggining?

First i will describe all possible archetypes of the characters described in Enneagram-an ancient tool for examining personality types. I will write about their characteristic features, at different stages of their maturity

I will describe how these archetipic personalities have shaped, and what they should do, to develop their potential.

 I will describe also, what the mind is and how it functions. I will write about their diffret levels like :subconscious and consciousness and I will describe how they work.

On this blog I will be write also about universal and timeless issues, appearing on the way of every seeker of truth and beauty.

 I’m a pragmatic, for this reason, i will describe only that things which somehow helped me. I hope someone else can benefit from this knowledge too.

Text: Lukas Lord

Author of photography: Margaret Lord