Portrait sessions

We carry out photo sessions in every place on the Earth. It does not matter where are you from – we will get to the place. If you need a good photos which could improve a perception of your image – please let us know. We are able to help you obtain such a photos, which can clearly reveal your most attractive features.

If you want to know more details, below we publish our pricelist , an a few information about process of organizing a portrait sessions in our agency 

Portrait session pricelist

The price for a portrait session is determined individually, based on the amount of the last monthly income profits of the payer.

Total cost for organize our portraits session

1000$+5% from your last monthly financial income

For example, if in the last month you earned a 4000$, 5% from this amount would be 200$. For portrait session from us,  you would need to pay 1200$

The prepayment from which we pay for the costs of organising the session

-25% of total cost of the session.
Paid to our bank account up to 7 days from the day when we sign the agreement

In the above example, the prepayment amount would be 300$
With money from prepayment we pay, all necessary costs of session, like traveling to the place of the session, hiring the costumes or jewellery, order the catering etc. If we do not spend all the money with prepayment, then the rest is returned to the requester.

Our salary

75% of the total price of the portrait session.

Paid to our bank account up to 7 days from the day when you received photos from a portrait session. In the above example our profit would be 900 $

How you can order a portrait session made by our agency?

1) Complete the questionnaire

Cooperation with us begins when you fill out a portrait questionnaire and send it to us.
Thanks to questionnaire answers, we will know you better and learn the necessary information about your preferences, and character. This informations will help us in organising a unique portrait session for you.

All information about you will be private and secure. When we end our cooperation we will remove it from our database.

2) Wait for our response

Up to 7 days from the date of receiving your portrait questionnaire we will propose you a few concepts of places and scenarios for your portrait session.
The concepts will be based on answers from the questionnaire you have completed

3) Sign the contract for a portrait session, or resign

3.1) If any from our concepts will sound good for you, we will sign a contract for a portrait session, and we start to organize the session in way you choosed

3.2) If you don’t like anything from our concepts, then you can give your own concept of the place, the outfit, and the scenery, in which you would like to make your portrait session. If you take responsibility for organising session on yourself, you can save some money from your prepayment. In that case you will pay only for cost of our travel to place where we will make photo session

3.3) You can also resign from our portrait session, and it won’t cost you anything.

4) How will our further cooperation looks like?

4.1) Once we decide how the portrait session will be look like, we’ll determine the date of its implementation and sign the cooperation agreement.

4.2) When the day of a portrait session has come, you should show up in predetermined location at the scheduled time, and be with us so much time that we need to make for you great portraits. It would be best if you planned for this day free of everything, but if you cant, we can plan sessions for few days if it will be necessery.

4.3) Up to 21 days from the day we made for you a portrait session you’ll get your portraits in electronic and paper forms

4.4) Up to 7 days, from moment when you receive your portrait’s, you will transfer our salary to our bank account.