Photography – “Return train” A4 21×29,7 cm


Photo made by Małgorzata Dziedzic printed in A515 x 21 cm framed in a black wooden frame. The photo depicts a man with an umbrella who waited at the train station, for his return train to home.


This photo usually causes me to think about the natural cycles of time and the imminence of passing. In this material world, every living being is subject to the power of time. Under it’s influence, life is constantllooping the wheels in a eternal cycle of successive phases of rebiths and deaths

Everything here, passes trough this same phases of birth, growing, and than when they exceed a certain invisible point, they begin to turn into noses. After that illusory death, everything is starting again, somwhere else. Each of us is in such a situation. From the day of our birth, we are closing to the point, where we will have to abandon the current body and embark on the next journey, usually without knowing where we are going this time.

My question is Is there any way for live being to be freed from the power of time and to release their consciousness from their influence? If so, how can this be done?


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