Photography – “Bubbles” A4 21×29,7 cm


Photo made by Małgorzata Dziedzic printed in format A4 21×29,7 cm framed in a black wooden frame. This portrait depicts the nephews of the author, captured at the time of releasing soap bubbles.


One of the children in this picture, holds in a hand something, that looks like a small palette of the painter. It’s causes me to think, that process of releasing bubbles, can be compared to creating our reality, trough our dreams and wishes

Everyone from us probably know that tradition, when we blowing the candles on the birthday cake. Releasing a bubbles, can be very similar to this tradition, if  in moment of blowing, we will intensely think, about realizing our wishes

Blowing a bubbles with intention like that described, is no longer ordinary play, but a initial to creating our reality, trough our thoughts and intention. By that action, we can study, what we really want from life, and give energy to create circumstances, which will  help us to fulfill our dreams. And we don’t need to have a bithday to do this

If we go to this seemingly ordinary act in such a way, then releasing a bubble, can become a great fun and a great way, to better understand what we want from life

It will work for both: children and the adults.


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